Buying IT Solutions as opposed to tools

3 things you should consider

As technology widens and more tools are lauched, the confusion on what works and doesn't work is also on the rise. Organisations are realizing late into projects that the product they have worked so hard to implement is actually not meeting 100% of the organisational needs. 

Here are three things you need to consider prior to procuring any technology, even as basic as websites:

1. Make sure that in the end, you own and have 100% data control.

Companies are running huge online systems on subscription based platforms that are amazingly cheap. The real cost is in the data. Your leads will be targetted and your conversions will be low if any. 

2. Buy Solutions, not just products. 

With so many quick fixes and DIY softwares out there, be wearly of products that will not offer 100% solution. Engage developers who will be remunerated based on thier products offering the solutions. 

3. Think and act with tomorrow in mind.

Nothing is changing faster than technology. Avoid implementing yesterdays solutions to solve today's problems and forgetting completely about tomorrow. Ensure the contracts you have with developers have a longterm inexpensive timeline because you will need them.

by Njuki Martin J. M